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by Kelly Church of Florida State Homes
Smallcakes Cupcakery: Small No Longer

Smallcakes Cupcakery: Small No LongerSmallcakes Cupcakery is a cupcake shop that has been taken global. Owner Jeff Martin opened up shop in 2008. At that time, Smallcakes Cupcakery had ten flavors. Now, there’s 250. Smallcakes Cupcakery is growing- and fast! Recently named one of the top ten fastest-growing restaurant chains in America by Restaurant Business, Martin says his business model is what keeps people coming in for cupcakes and looking to franchise.

“I think our success of growth is based on the fact that we are very owner driven,” Martin says. “That means we give owners some flexibility that you don’t normally see in franchises, like decorating their own store and choosing specialty flavors. We also don’t take a huge royalty percent, which means it leaves more money in our owner’s pocket to market and grow their stores.”

This up-and-coming cupcake shop gained popularity and fame on hit television shows like Cupcake Wars and The View. Martin’s company started serving at celebrity weddings, events and eventually made its way to USA Today’s list of Top Ten Cupcake Places to try in the country. People started opening up their own cupcake shops with the help of the Smallcakes Cupcakery name. Now, Martin’s franchise is in 19 different states and internationally in the Untied Arab Emirates. The beauty of Martin’s franchise is he allows his storeowners to use their creativity at their leisure.

“The art of the cupcake business is really keeping it fresh,” Martin says. “We are always inventing new flavors or new offerings so that people have choices.”

One of those choices now includes ice cream. Martin is branching out of his comfortable cupcake space and into the ice cream industry. He prides himself on creating an atmosphere that is welcoming for kids and their families. Martin says most cupcake shops are intimidating and not hospitable for children. Ice cream is just the next step on the path for Smallcakes Cupcakery franchise to become family friendly.

“We offer a family friendly environment and our cupcakes are very likable,” Martin says. “We have the crazy flavors but we are known for the cupcakes that are memorable and they have toppings on top which are fun. We just launched cupcake infused ice cream which is a game changer for us.”

Martin says the Smallcakes Cupcakery ice cream takes the great flavors of their cupcakes and turns them into an incredible, rich and creamy ice cream. Each Smallcakes Cupcakery location opening up in 2015 will feature their new ice cream. They are in the process of incorporating ice cream into their current locations.

Martin’s cupcakes aren’t exclusively sold to people near a Smallcakes Cupcakery. For those people who are not near one of the nearly one-hundred locations, Martin offers cupcakes in a jar. This is a way for the Smallcakes Cupcakery to get cupcakes mailed out to cupcake lovers everywhere.
With all the recent growth for Smallcakes Cupcakery, Martin isn’t done yet. By incorporating ice cream into his business, he believes he will be able to grow his company even further.

“To offer amazing cupcakes and ice cream under one roof is how we will continue to grow and expand our brand,” Martin says.